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If you are bringing any electrical equipment onboard we just need to ensure that everything is compatible with our modern power systems. Our Houseboat has constant uninterrupted 240 volt power, but the power plant is quite complex and specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual boat. Hair dryers, electric shavers, mobile phone and camera chargers are fine to use – anything apart from that must be approved! You would understand that non approved items could damage our power plants and result in unnecessary and expensive repairs.

Reflection on the Murray has constant uninterrupted 240 volt power. If you are coming from overseas then all you need is an approved adapter.

We just need to know how you would like the bedrooms on your boat made up to suit your group’s sleeping requirements. Most of the beds zip apart to become singles so we need to know what configuration you would like the beds made up in. Example: 8 passengers on Reflection could be 4 queens or 6 singles plus 1 queen.

Our houseboat is designed to be easy to operate, even for a beginner. Travelling at the equivalent of a brisk walking pace you have plenty of time to make appropriate decisions on direction of travel, turning and parking. During the boat orientation, our specialist staff will personally explain the operation of your houseboat from bow to stern (front to back) before you leave and after your practical instruction session you’ll be on your way in confidence. It’s that easy.

For those who prefer not to drive the houseboat we also offer a static hire where for a small call out fee, our friendly staff can set you up at a beautiful section of the river and then come and more you to another area a few days later. This service can be organised on booking or once you are onboard, so there should be no concern if you get here and you find the houseboat a little hard to handle.

A full car driver’s licence or boat licence is all that is required. The hirer must be over the age of 21 years of age.

Under normal circumstances each houseboat carries sufficient quantities of fuel, gas and drinking water to last your entire trip so returning to base is not required. There is also sufficient capacity to store all sewerage waste in the holding tanks.

On the odd occasion, perhaps if you are out for an extended period, (2 weeks) you may need to wander back at some stage to top up the fuel. If required we will organise a sewerage pump out along the riverbank.

We have a contact staff member available 24 hours a day by mobile phone. You will be given full contact details when you board. Our information booklet, located on the boat also has all the numbers you require.

Simply phone Reflection on the Murray office on 0408 154 158 to discuss available dates and your specific houseboat requirements. Or use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you. Once you’ve decided on the date for your group we will make a tentative booking for you. All that is then required is for you to pay a deposit of $1000 within 14 days. This deposit is deducted from your hire fee and once this is made your final balance is due no later than four weeks prior to departure.

We recommend a number of preferred accommodation venues in and around Mildura. When making your booking simply let us know what style of accommodation you would like and we will make a number of recommendations to you. Mildura has a wide range of accommodation venues available that meet all budgets and all styles. We do not receive any compensation from these venues in return for a recommendation.

Why not let us design a holiday itinerary for you? Are you a golfer, environmentalist, bush walker, water skier, swimmer, beach lover, wine lover, paddler, artist, photographer, historian, restaurant critic, or a bit of all these? Mildura has so much to offer that most of our guests don’t get through their list on the first visit. Perhaps you just want to sit back with a nice cold beer or wine and watch the mighty Murray River meander past.

Did you know you can access most sections of the river by car, so perhaps you can consider day trips away from the river returning to the tranquility in the evening?

We love working in Mildura and showing off all its fabulous features to our guests, so give us a call and we can make as many recommendations to you as you need to keep you busy.

Holidaying on a houseboat is a unique experience! Many of our guest’s make note that just relaxing and watching the world go by is all they want to do. Sit back with friends, relax, unwind and let the stresses of a busy life disappear.

Free secure car parking is available at our mooring site.

All you need to bring is your food, drinks, and personal toiletries. Everything else is supplied on our houseboats.

Depending on what you want from your holiday perhaps you may also want to bring some CDs, DVD’S, binoculars or fishing equipment.

Don’t forget a good book to read as you sit on the top deck enjoying the peace and tranquility of Australia’s premier river.

Mildura is a large rural city with the major supermarkets all open from approximately 7am to midnight.

IGA Fishers, have online shopping please go to www.fishers.com.au/public

Woolworths have online shopping please go to www2.woolworthsonline.com.au

If you prefer you can purchase groceries on your way to the houseboat at any of the town’s supermarkets.

Mildura is serviced by two major shopping centres, each with all of the major grocery outlets, as well as a large array of eateries.

Our fridge is a large family sized fridge freezer with plenty of space. There is also a large esky aboard for ice and drinks or your ‘catch of the day’. Ice is available. Reflection on the Murray also has a second bar fridge to use for chilling drinks.

You have plenty of fresh water onboard for drinking. This water is from the Mildura town water supply.

Supplied on board are bath towels, beach towels, quality bed linen, including doonas and spare blankets, pillows, soap and toilet paper. In the kitchen there is dishwashing tablets, dishwashing liquid, fly spray, kitchen sponges, tea towels etc.

We also supply cling wrap and silver foil.

If you really feel inclined the boat also has a washing machine and a washing line.

Reflection on the Murray has a fully contained kitchen with microwave, stove/ovens, and coffee machines, all cutlery, crockery and glasses, including wine, champagne and beer glasses, and plastic ware for our smaller guests.

There is a BBQ onboard.

Reflection on the Murray has outdoor dining tables and chairs, sun lounges upstairs and full sun canopies.

Don’t forget the roof top spa.

Yes it’s fresh and yes it is good to swim in however, as with all natural water environments, caution should always be applied.

There are no sharks or crocodiles.

Diving is not recommended.

We insist all our guests make their own determination on each individuals swimming ability.

Wearing PFD’s are recommended for adults and children.

Murray Cod, Callop, Redfin, Catfish and Carp as well as yabbies. Check the fishing guide on board. As the Murray River is NSW waters, you do require a fishing licence to fish.

Reflection on the Murray’s speed ranges between 4 and 8 knots. In normal non nautical language that is roughly equivalent to a brisk walking pace.

Approximately 100 litre esky.

The use of fuel will be unique to each hire depending on how far you travel, the duration of your holiday and how often you use the spa.

On average you might expect to use 10 – 14 litres per hour when travelling along the river with both outboards operating at 3000 rpm. Our generator is only used to charge the batteries that in turn supply 240 volt power to the houseboat; typically the generator will use 3 – 4 litres per hour whilst charging the batteries for between 2 and 4 hours per day.

There are hundreds of suitable parking spots along both sides of the river bank with ample trees to tie up to. You don’t need to concern yourself that you will be parked next to a rowdy group, just untie and move on. Peace and quiet is assured.

You are free to enjoy, swimming, paddling, rowing, water skiing, jet skiing, fishing, etc.

Many or our guests are surprised at how wide the Murray River is in Mildura. Unlike many sections both upstream and downstream we are lucky to have a lock situated in Mildura that ponds the river back upstream for well over 50 km.

Imagine the Murray in Mildura as a 150 -200 meter wide x 50 km long lake.

The water flows from east to west and under normal conditions it flows at around 1 km per hour.

Yes you can, there are tyres along the sides of the boat, but we also recommend you supply your own buoys for extra protection for your speed boat.

Normally we would like to see the boat vacated by 10.00 am on the last day of your holiday. Having said that we often have some time between hires so we may be able to extend your departure time by a few hours.  Just so long as the Houseboat is back at our moorings by 10.00 am. Speak to us prior to your departure if you wish to extend your check out time.

Houseboats offer a unique holiday experience but their design does create some restrictions for access by disabled adults and children. Houseboats are simply small houses on pontoons so many disabilities can be catered for just as they might be at home. We suggest you give us a call to discuss your specific needs.

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